So I've seen on here many folks talking about splitting bags and I was wondering how it works? I want to split an ounce and get half Do Si Dos & half Green Crack do I just specify in the comments or do I have to pay the difference?


  • Yes please I would also like to know if that’s possible. I figured it wasn’t since the prices were there for half’s and such

  • @Brandon2k20 Yes you can I have done it multiple times with good success especially with Loud. First you select one of the two in this case it would be lets say Green Crack 1 oz and select it on the order form. This is how I write it out in the comment section:
    Loud & Co
    Split an OZ
    Indoor Do si Dos - 1/2 oz no subs
    Indoor Green Crack - 1/2 oz no subs
    Freebie - joint of whatever
    this is literally the order I just placed. Great Minds think alike! good luck

  • @beachoil420 Thanks a lot! I have had Loud's Do Si Do, the last batch they had up on the menu, in fact. It helped a lot with my muscles and helped get me moving a lot better. The Green Crack I have heard lots of great things about as well. I appreciate your help on this so much!

  • I have a split of do si do and mammoth skunk coming. Never had a issue with either shipper splitting anything. Bud or carts.

  • I was wondering the same thing! Is an ounce the minimum you can split, or can you break a half-ounce into 2 qtr ounces?

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    I think down to 1/4’s if I remember right but won’t split 1/8’s. I could be off though

  • @Rockafire yes they will do that...split a 1/2

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    Thanks. So many strains, so little money, lol. Is it down to qtrs.? (torn between Jack Herer and Green Crack)

  • @Rockafire That is a tough decision. Jack Herer always puts me in such a happy goofy mood while Green Crack is like adderal for me lol

  • Yes according to the rules the minimum you can split is a half, and it has to be the same shipper obviously. And it has to be the same price or lower. So if you want to split premium & indoor, let's say, you would have to pay for the premium & then include the indoor strain in the description. Etc. Seems reasonable!!

    I wish they'd split quarters at least ( and really 8ths would he perfect for me bc I like variety so much.. lol.. but I feel like that's asking too much. Haha) also... yeah a half an eighth is such a good amount, too.. for like a small amount/bid you aren't sure about? Funny how a G seems like nothing but somehow that 1.7 is an actual something :lol: EITHER which way, I haven't actually done a split yet bc I havent come across the right combo .. for just recently i've just been buying 8ths of (almost)everything that interests me

  • Thanks guys!

  • Isnt that what the 2g bud samples are for, to give a little taste of variety? That's been a nice addition to the menu.

  • Especially with L&C's new indoor treats.

  • @bluedreamer Yes, technically that is correct and that's what i use it for. i love the +1 add on's .. i never do the +2 bc i can't justify spending 40 bucks on 2g, variety or not. that being said, i have definitely used it (and the 4g sample) to get a definite variety. lots to choose from now

    i didn't mean to sound like i was complaining. they offer more than enough options, but i couldn't help but daydreaming since it was brought up already. in a perfect world.. i can see why they don't split further down, of course. but i would still like it alot if they did ; )

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