Shipper #3 Medical Jane Review

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Here is my review for the new shipper. This is only with regard to packaging and arrival. I will update once I've had an opportunity to try out the products and go through everything better.

For the first order, I ordered critical cure 1:2 CBD:THC, and 2g keif which was a mixture of Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue.

I requested either a random sample bud or a joint. They included 2 small buds, one of blue dream and one of gelato. Not sure which is which, but if they were placed by the writing, I should be able to tell which is which pretty easily.

Total ship time = 4 business days. Or 6 total days overall. Not bad at all!

The packaging was an inconspicuous packaged envelope. No odor, pretty good on that end.

Upon opening, still no odor. Things are looking good.

I find the mylar type packaging wrapped in a piece of cardboard for protection. The outer envelope wasn't the strongest and was easily ripped, so I was thankful for the added layer the cardboard gave.

Upon opening the mylar, I was immediately hit with strong odor. This threw me off slightly as I'm used to added layers of vacuum sealed goodness and no odor from the other shippers. I hurried and closed the bag in the envelope so I could take it to a less busy room.

Upon removing the contents the critical cure was in a single vacuum sealed bag, and only the vacuum bag not inside a baggie or other container, in which if I opened the bag, I would need to find a container or bag to keep it in.

The keif was inside a sandwich bag and not in a container. It was loose inside the Mylar sealed bag. It looks like it might be a messy adventure to transfer it over to a jar or other container.

The 2 small sample buds were inside an open top thin baggie and was also not in a separate vacuum sealed bag other than the mylar bag.

What I would like to see in the future as far as packaging goes, and for more security, would be to see:

  • Flower inside of a sandwich bag and then inside a vacuum sealed bag.
  • Kief inside of a screw top style container or even a silicone container and then also vacuum packed or inside a sealable bag. (Loosely dumped in a baggie could prove tiresome for some when trying to get all of it out of the baggie and would be less messy than free floating inside a sandwich bag).
  • Samples or freebies in a sealable baggie and then vacuum packed.
  • All samples together inside a sealed vacuum bag then inside the sealed mylar bag.
  • Stronger outer packaging.

These aren't deal breakers by any means and the products look good. I'll take some pics and post up later when I get time to go through everything better and when other members of my household are in bed our out of the house for a while lol.

All in all I'm impressed with ship times. The new shipper could use some work on packaging, but still, it all made it here safe and sound.

I'll post back once I've gotten an opportunity to try out the product.

So far so good, that's 2/3 for me. If everything else checks out, I could see a great future ahead for this shipper.


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