Indoor Jack Hammer Review

Smell hits you from across the room when i opened it my girlfriend was across the room and said “WOW that is dank” about 3 seconds after opening it. Hits really smooth and tastes really good. It gives me a really good head high at first and then you literally get hit with a 9lb hammer and you dont want to move. You still keep the head high though which is nice. I regret smoking this before work i will say. Its really good for like trying to sleep or relaxing because im tired. It was a good strain im not an indica person, but it was the right amount. 8/10 strain for me


  • Nice review! Looks frosty and green

  • nice! thanks man. sounds really nice.. will grab if it ever comes up again . totally relate about the regretting smoking it before work; that's happened to me a couple times and it's always strains like that ... good stuff

  • Jack Hammer is great. I’d buy again. The smell is very potent, I love it. It’s actually a very good all day bud for me.

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