Review: MAC shatter, LoudnCo.

just wanted to throw this up here since it's something i've tried. this stuff is fantastic.

Golden colored, beautiful, caramel consistency.. but the flavor & the high are thru the roof. This is my favorite, by quite a noticeable margin, of all the shatters i have tried ( to be fair that's only a few but still)

very hybrid high, clean, very strong. I have been using it in the Puffco Plus v2, and i'll basically load this thing like once or maybe twice a week.. and save for special occasions/make an event of it.. and i just really really like this combo. highly recommend. would take pics but it basically looks just like all the other shatters pictured on the site. (maybe it actually looks even better than that)

anyways.... for anyone who's wondering, there you go.. that's my experience with Miracle Alien Cookies shatter from Loud. having this really makes me want to try the flower ; i can tell it's really good . def worth the try.


  • Nice to see shatter reviews. Tried the Chemdawg but not the MAC. Loud has the best shatter.

  • @v32Finish I live somewhere very hot and my MAC shatter arrived sugared up and separated, but it's still super flavorful and the high is insane. I have an extreme tolerance too so if it's getting me really high I know it's potent.

    Did yours arrive in mint condition or had the heat affected it at all?

    I'd also like to add my pack was stuck in the mail system for over a week after it was shipped, so there were plenty of opportunities for it to bake in the heat.

  • No, mine looked pretty good- it was real melted and hard to work with when i first got it; i stuck it in the fridge overnight and now it's fine. but i have been curious every time i have one getting delivered when it's this hot out.. i wonder if it looks any different than it did when it left. but yeah either way really good .. glad yours was OK even tho it got baked in the mail. lol

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