Medical Jane

I ordered 1/4 of Organic Jack Herer on Friday STILL no label. Will update on how it is for you guys if i ever get it. I will say it bothers me they are capped at 10 orders a day and still cant get mine out? Its frustrating


  • @Bman just because you don't see a label doesn;t mean it wasn't shipped. It likely has. USPS has become VERY unreliable in their scanning.

  • @medicineman It was just made today so we got movement! I will let you know when i get it. Thanks!

  • Nevermind it was something else 😡 doesnt make sense though because my dad ordered from Loud and already has a label and he did it Thursday

  • @medman I understand that. I never have issues with ID though everything always gets processed and updated on there at some point. I think they are just behind on orders and cant keep up i guess

  • new shipper also equals new post understanding of usps issues is that they are worse in some offices.

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