Premium Wedding Cake

Any reviews on Medma's Wedding Cake? I just ordered a half, and was wondering if anyone tried it, had any pics?
I've only had wedding cake in sugar wax, and rosin form from another source about 6 months ago. I dug it as it took care of pain, and was just a nice high. I imagine the flower is the same.


  • I love Wedding Cake. I always buy when available and I try to never run out.

  • I’ve got some that was a sub for premium do si dos, it leaves a powerful sedative feeling, but not too much to where you’re couch locked, the effects seem to last quite awhile too, about 2 1/2 hours.

  • @buds I like hearing that!!

    @liarliar03 I had some of ma's prem do si dos, and it was a winner! Honestly, that's what I was wishing was still there, lol.
    But, after you two saying good things about WC, I'm glad I scooped it up.

  • it's really good imo. i wasn't immediately impressed (but not disappointed either), but after setting it aside for the better part of a week and coming back to it.. i was really happy with it.

  • @v32Finish Thank you for your review! 💚

  • No problem! I will add a little more (maybe a pic) when I get home if I remember. It reminds me of Do Si Do.. if you like the GSC genetics you will like it. :)

  • I got wedding cake (a premium strain) as a 20 dollar add on gram. It was great. Indica leaning in my experience.

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