Master Kush video review


  • I wish I had some of this left. Another top strain by loud.

  • @suchacutie89 awesome I will upload all the strains I have and then start recording the new ones.

  • I've not agreed with you sometimes but your video is excellent .Way to go ! 30

  • @BigOtis thanks bro as long as we agree that bud is awesome we can agree lol

  • weird.. looks different than mine.. mine is good but very different color green, fluiffier, and not as frosted up

    i swear sometimes idk if my mind is playing tricks on me when im baked and read on here, or if they send different batches or sometimes even completely different bud labeled as the same thing.. :joy:

  • @v32Finish I think they do it from time to time honestly. One time they for sure sent me 2 bags of Galactic Jack instead of a Jack/Lodi Dodi split. So then I got some Lodi Dodi sent to make up for it, and I swear it looks and smells exactly like the Hawaiian Punch I ordered and received a few days later 🤣

  • Not long ago there was someone that got sent Alien Orange Cookies instead of MAC too oncd everyone started comparing pics. It was all fire though so I don't think anyone was real disappointed 🤣

  • yeah.. a certain amount i understand, but yeah.. def interesting lol

  • Sometimes it may have been the same strain but 2 different shippers perhaps. could also be that the strains were mixed up. Anything i get from loud is fire though so I don't really mind lol

  • @OneLove i loved my Lodi dodi but I accidentally mixed it with some JH and now I can’t tell them apart!

  • @liarliar03 That's what happened with my Lodi Dodi and Hawaiian punch 🤣 . I got a couple buds mixed up and finally said screw it and just put it all into one jar.

  • I’m still waiting on my MK 🤪..USPS decided to send it to Hawaii first..wish I could have went with it!

  • @superman38NC My GSC have been all over the place, even out for delivery in a state nowhere near mine and has been sitting back at the post office it shipped from for the past 7 days

  • Mine once went to my city. Then it went to Cleveland, then somewhere in MI, and then finally landed in my small town in NW Ohio

  • i just looked at the video again and that bud is frosted UP

  • @v32Finish what you mean by that you think its laced ? Its not trust me I can tell. It smoked clean its just really good weed

  • no its just an expression, talking about the number of crystals/trichomes.. it looks really good.. so alot of people say that really crystally bud is "iced out" or "frosty" etc

  • @v32Finish oh i see. yeah its loaded with crysties

  • @v32Finish btw check out the premium mammoth skunk review if you want that bud is even more frosty

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