Mendo Breath refill

Idk if the gummy and mendo breath cart are hitting me at the same time, but I'm going to say it's mostly the cart since the MM gum drops don't typically do too much to me if anything.

Highly recommend. A++


  • I have 4 mendo/4 silver haze coming sometime. Looking forward to trying the mendo. Seen a few good reviews on it.

  • I was back and forth between that and durban poison. Ended up getting the Dp. Didn't realize I didn't have an empty cart to put any of that in, so I put a tiny bit in a bowl with some Green Crack just to test it out a little and... wow. Tastes fruity and very potent. Between that and the green crack, I think my house will be spotless in an hour 🤣

  • Now I’m a tad sad as mendo is off the menu.

  • saw that too -_-

  • *&#@!
    I was about to order some!

  • I ordered the day medboy dropped but alas still no label so I think I’ll be shit out of luck

  • In terms of mendo breath anyway.

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