Blueberry Muffin video review

this is a mama strain probably the best one I ever got from medmama


Blueberry Muffin from Mary Jane on Vimeo.



  • no way... that looks super! i'm really sad i didn't order any of this.. and its off menu now.. but i THINK i may have requested this for my 1G add on, which i do alot of the times there's some variety.. so maybe there's a little hope i can try it still

  • @v32Finish This is a much older batch from a few months ago

  • i wondered if maybe it was.. right on

  • @v32Finish one of the first strains I ever grabbed from mama

  • Premium Blueberry Muffins. Final gram went up in smoke Friday....
    Your pic @maryjanelover11 got me to buy my first Premium.

  • edited August 2020

    @MizterNiceGuy I should get paid for the advertising! LOL im joking obviously I love good looking clean weed.
    You are right btw It was premium and yes many of the videos i upload I also uploaded pictures so you can go to those and you will know when the site had the strain up based on the date of the review because with the pics i had the bud. I smoked all of it lol

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