Agent orange

Anyone tried agent orange. Started to order may wait till site re ups again . Feel like next time there's going to be more top quality comeing just may thoughts tho .


  • Everything I wanted just fell off the menu within 24 hours. ..If I were a rich man...

  • Know what you mean

  • Living paycheck to paycheck is hardly pleasant.

  • Loud offered some outdoor agent orange a while was fantastic! If the pics match then I’d go for it! Great daytime smoke..

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    Man there are 8 to 10 fantastic strains still up for sale. You guys are a spoiled bunch. LOL. Anyway the agent orange was fantastic last time and I got a half zip on the way. With the Girl Scout cookies.Premium Sunday driver looks fantastic . I’ve seen the premium white cookies picture and review and it’s apparently superb. I’m not sure how the space queen is still up because it is fantastic. And the premium wedding cake looks great. I’ve had it before not dispatch but I’m sure it doesn’t disappoint. Indoor alien orange cookies is great. I just ordered some more it as well. There’s also some nice looking stuff on med mamas menu. I guess I’m not as picky. But to each his own. What exactly are you looking for.? Just curious.

  • Am looking for the stuff that puts u in a different universe. Drove to DC last weekend and picked up some ghost train it was scary good very visual . That's the type I like .

  • That makes me happy to have Ghost Train oil coming .. I like those extra psychoactive strains

  • Agent Orange is a great heavy sativa. I've had it a few times from MM.

  • Perfect cause i submitted for an oz a day ago to take a chance at it since i never had. love the reviews so thank you all in our group.

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