Ready to oder

Looks like iv missed alot of good strain's. Been gone awhile in hospital due to a bad car accadent. Am ready now can't wait to place my first order in 4 months. Had to go on the pain killers. Now am ready to get off of them with the help of medicine man . Looks like everything as been going good. Was a little worried not been on site since first of may . And am dry now hope they upload some of those killer strains. Missed my favorite ATF I see from reading on the discussion board. Lots to get cought up on. Glad to see most of the old timmers are still here God bless.


  • Welcome back!!!!!

  • TacTac
    edited August 2020

    Welcome back ......

  • Dang @Winston, I am sorry first that you had an accident, and that we didn't notice your absence. The selections have been spotty, blame it on the Chinese Virus.

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, and a quick delivery. :smiley:

  • Thanks been a long time since iv had any smoke so anything should work right now

  • I recommend the Super Skunk from @medmama
    It's really great, and takes care of all the pain I deal with on a daily basis!

    I wish you the best in your recovery, and everything that goes in dealing with an accident.

    Obviously, I wasn't here yet when you were last here, glad you're back. 😊💚

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