Girl Scout Cookies

Really want to review the Girl Scout Cookies I got yesterday.
I'm cursed with a high tolerance and on top of that for the last several months smoking weed has been my main occupation and I am awash with marijuana, strains of all kinds, and I have smoke in my bones. With that in mind, I love this stuff! I am so pleased!
Loud's service was quick as always, less than a week, big buds, and... you know how when you get a new bag and even if you're positive beforehand that it's good smoke, when you feel that first high out of the bag, if it's good your first thought is always, oh, that's a nice surprise??? It's like that! I gotta admit I went ahead and upped the dose to 2 joints not long ago and, ladies, gentlemen, I was and remain very high, very impressive. In fact that's why I'm writing this!


  • i find that i love GSC genetics in other strains, but i have not had the opportunity to pick up just regular GSC.. glad you got some and it was good! in hindsight i think i slept on this bud from Loud.. feel like this was one to grab.. anyway, cheers!

  • GSC is one of my top favs.

  • Do you mind posting a picture of your Girl Scout cookies? because I got a split and I’m pretty sure they got the bags mixed up and I’m trying to figure it out. Thank you in advance

  • My favorite strain

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