Strawberry Milk

Ok so I mixed some Strawberry Cough and Mothers Milk this morning for a wonderful afternoon pick me up ! I really loved the two combined was very smooth and that strawberry flavor really came through strong ! I called it Strawberry Milk 😂😂😂

My ATF should be here today or MAC on of the 2 !!


  • I could only imagine the possibilities if you could cross breed some of the strains on here, I have no idea how one goes about cross breeding plants, but it would be fun to learn!

  • I like to mix my flowers all the time..endless creations..

  • At first I was pretty staunchly against this; i thought each strain deserved its own experience and blah blah blah.. well.. i've changed my tune; some strains go really really really nice together (some of my recent favs: Sunset Sherbert & XJ-13, AFK & Blueberry Muffin)

    I tend to do it less.. and kind of make it a special thing every once in a while.. but yeah Strawberry Milk sounds pretty super actually .. and what a name

    I jumped on this thread with a quickness bc i thought i missed something else crazy poppin on the menu :joy:

  • Mixed the Green Crack and Jack Hammer a couple days ago. Real energizing kick while still contributing some of those sweet body vibrations from the 9 lb hammer lineage. I called it Crack Hammer, hah.

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂 or Jack Crack @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh

  • 😂😂😂 @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh Intruly wonder how they decide which strains they will make a hybrid bc if I could name a few they should mix !

  • Cracker Jack? Lol

  • dude upon doing a little research.. i'm finding that they have already mixed just about every strain imaginable.. but that's the great part.. you can always cross the NEW strains and come up with crazy stuff. lol

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