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These buds all came in the same bags labeled as the same strain. Is it just me or is there one that kind of sticks out as different from the rest?

Not complaining, they’re all beauties.


  • @Theboyua Those all look the same that big hairy nug is the one you are talking about I think...? Its just the best nug of the bunch! I have received both Do-si Dos and Jack Herer and they looked almost identical but the highs and smells are completely different. One I use for sleep the other to party. lol

  • Same buds, I'm sure. Consuming it is the best way to find out!

  • The best test for this, while not 100% sure-fire, (..different plants within a batch, very similar bud, etc etc) is what i like to call the rip test. A slight advancement on a simple smell test, you gotta go WASH your hands so there's no inaccuracies(lol), go sit down at a table with 1 small nug of each of the suspected buds, and you gotta get all up in there, really dig in and get that rich terpene explosion of smell you only get from tearing into the center of a dense nug :joy:

    anyways.. i can't really tell, it does look like that one in the center is an off kilter color, but really close..

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    They are the same. definitely have a different look but I think like with someone said above it is just the best bud of the bunch. But like I said they’re all awesome so I do not care. By the way this is agent orange. The pics above. They actually miss labeled my bags and put agent orange in the Girl Scout cookie bag and Girl Scout cookie in the agent orange bag but there’s no mistaking this agent orange smell. It is really full powerful orange stuff. When you open the bag you are slapped in the face by orange. Nice peppy strain as well. The GSC was a little stimy but still great (I think I might’ve got the last of the batch as it disappeared an hour or so after I ordered, I’m not complaining at all it’s no big deal they always give you plenty to make up for it. And it’s never happened to me before so it was bound to) . Anyway like I said I think the birds are the same, I’m high as fuck so who really cares at this point. LOL. ✌️

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