Organic Cannabis Capsules

Has anyone tried Medical Jane's Organic Cannabis Capsules? I was considering ordering the 25mg capsules.

I get 10mg capsules from a local dispensary and I really like then, but they're expensive.


  • I ordered some. Stated THC only. Received order in unmarked bottle with 1:1 written with marker on the lid. Contacted medboy and received a replacement order. Came in an unmarked bottle. Nothing to indicate the milligram level of THC. Just a plain bottle with amber capsules inside....not going down this road again.

  • I ordered. I though they were good. Not as good as Med Mama gum drops. Good to order for hot weather they did melt.

  • Gum drops are my favorite edible so far from here.

  • I meant capsules DID NOT MELT.

  • anybody got some capsules lately ?? looking at the 50mg THC

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