Greenhouse Mendo Breath

Description: "Mendo Breath is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain, with looser frosty buds that reek of sweet vanilla, musty and caramel."

I received a 1/4 oz. of flowers recently. On opening the package I found the smell to be very pleasant, kind of sweet with a subtle musty smell. I would not go so far to say it "reeked" but it was definitely noticeable. The buds were a little plain looking to me. No red hairs or sparkling crystals on the buds but the crystals were there. They say "frosty" and I say "fuzzy." I quickly learned that looks aren't everything.

They also seemed a little bit over dried. After I pinched off a small bud and smoked it in my favorite cherrywood pipe I decided that the grinder was the way to go. The bud ground up just right, so the dryness thing isn't really a big deal.

There is a caution in the description on the order page that says "we recommend save it for after work" and I have to agree. After a couple hits from my pipe, I immediately felt that indica going to work. As I sank down into the couch my aches and pains lifted away. It is a strong indica and as a result my plans to go mow the yard went out the window for a while, or to go do much anything else for that matter. I felt good and didn't want to get up and do anything but just lounge on the couch and stare at the TV. :-)

If you need help getting to sleep, or want to try a different pain relief plant, I recommend Greenhouse Mendo Breath.

Only I recommend you save it for after work. ;-)


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