Juicy fruit vs Poundcake

All, just looking for advice. Having trouble picking between these two. I normally smoke daily after 8pm and watch a little tv and play video games and really enjoy strains that seem a little too strong. I've never had either of these varieties and would love to know what everyone else thinks.


  • if you want something "a little too strong " that's my textbook definition of the fruit loops. LOL. i can't give first hand experience as i haven't ordered these strains, however... i HAVE heard people who were very happy with the Juicy fruit. i haven't heard a single person say they liked the pound cake.

    curious about both of these too : )

  • Juicy fruit I can do complex work on and not have anxiety

  • I got the pound cake, I love it, it's great for my anxiety and sleep, but I can stay up on it also, I've been smoking it all day actually.

  • I just ordered a split half of the greenhouse lemon pound cake and sour cherry to try out.
    I'll report on those if anyone is interested when I get them probably next thurs or fri.

  • Im interested! I ordered the juicy fruit and will report when it arrives.

  • @65DaysOfStatic
    I'll post a review and pics when I receive!

  • And....I just ordered an eighth of juicy fruit. Something tells me I'm going to regret not getting a quarter, though

  • Well i just scraped up enough for a quarter of greenhouse. Went with the 🍋 pound 🎂. Debated pink champagne from loud. Went with momma. Think i will be glad i did this time from the PC reviews.

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