Loud & Co vs. MedMa: Pink Champagne

Has anyone tried both Pink Champagne from Loud and the same from MedMa? I had heard that Pink Champagne was a great sleep strain. I purchased some from MedMa a month ago or so. It had a nice taste, but literally had ZERO effect on me. I recently saw where Loud put the strain on their menu and was thinking of giving it a try again but am a bit hesitant after my previous experience. I know some strains effect different people different ways, so that may be the case here.


  • Don't do it. Seen only negative reviews on this batch.

  • I had the one from MM and it basically was like the reg you buy in junior high, it was a waste of $85 or however much it went for at the time. Gave me a mild headache sometimes. Very stemmy that batch. Maybe this batch will be different.

  • @v32Finish yeah will avoid. Too many other strain options on here to try it again.

  • Yeah. I keep an open mind, but like you said, too much other good stuff. I personally will never order this strain unless I see a fire batch come thru.

    It's weird bc if you search Pink Champagne you can find some seriously dank looking weed.. so there has to be a good strain in there somewhere.. but that's 3/3 times I've seen it on here and never even ONE single positive review.

    Anyways.. not to be negative , it just is what it is. Maybe it will change : )

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