Sample gummies

So, after being a long time skeptical lurker, I jumped in and ordered the “free sample” on Thursday last week. It arrived today! Along with the 1 gram of delicious smelling purple punch, there is a square, orange gummy. I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me how many mg are in those? I’ve never eaten edibles before.


  • Usually 25mg
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong

  • yea usually 25 but last two i got from loud were labeled 50. didn't touch them yet though. take a good 75-100mg to get me feelin some type a way.

  • I always get 50mg and it always says it on the vacuum sealed bag. I request it and they always send it

  • Last order I said no edibles please and got a 75 mg flattened gummy. So I guess if you want the stronger gummy just request no edibles....LOL

  • I don’t even see 75mg gummy lol

  • I got a gummy from loud. The freebie that I got was in a small baggy with 75 written on it. was a worm and was obviously half of one so it was probably a 150 mg snapped in half.

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