Any Wax Reviews???

Got a few waxes coming in. Checking to see if anyone got any feedback from the recent ones MM dropped.


  • Ive had gelato,papaya,zkittlez,dosido diamonds,and mac wax ill say this there waxes are good but shatters are bettsr from medmama and papaya cake was not good at all

  • I highly recommend the SFV OG! It's strong and long lasting. Classic OG Kush effects

  • GMO Cookies shatter is Amazing! Damn near clear glass color. SFV OG Shatter is gorgeous and great as well!

  • Nice! Thank you all for the reviews!

  • I got the premium Bday cake wax from MedMama and it is not premium, in my opinion. I’ve never had a complaint with MedMama though so I’m not going to complain too much. I only ordered 4g so I’m glad I didn’t get 8g this time.

  • I just got GMO cookies in the mail. AMAZING

  • nice! thanks! had my eye on this and the b-day cake.. thanks to your reviews i know which one to get ;) lol . actually eyeing the gelato as well, but .. idk. i am scared of the concentrates due to hearing about 3-4 terrible reviews lately with a couple that seem pretty rough . anyway thanks for sharing!!

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