Indoor Dutch Treat

Here are a few pics of the Dutch Treat I received today. Holy shit, these are beautiful! Just caked up with a pungent piney fruitiness. This definitely looks like a 'premium', so a shout out to the grower of this. THANK YOU! @LoudnCo


  • They look beautiful! I'm so hype for mine, it's on the way. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope those nuts bring you many a good vibe! :)

  • @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh Thank you! These are bringing a good vibe! You are definitely gonna love this stuff!

  • Wow, super hype!!! i just commented in the Dutch Hawaiian thread, and didn't even think about this or see this thread; but i was just daydreaming about the good ol Amsterdam genetics and weed scene when i saw this too! fkn fantastic, @ChunksEggo8187 thanks for the pic !! def. a bit jealous on this one LOL but i feel the same kind of way about the Pink Grapefruit (came today and MAN both the dolato and the sour pink grapefruit are fucking amazing) so anyways no love lost.. super nice to have lots of genetics to choose from.. glad you all picked this up, esp those who actually requested it basically, now that's crazy & just a good story. :joy:

    :sunglasses: i am too high to write. lol

  • Hell yeah @v32Finish! Glad you enjoyed the pics! I would love to see pics of the Pink Grapefruit & Dolato! (Of course when you're able 🤣)

  • I've been meaning to throw em up there, will make a point of it now!!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 So happy you like it! I will pass this along to the grower. :smiley:

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