MoonRock review

I opened it just like this...packages doesn’t have fragile on it so I’m sure everybody has been squeezing it. It’s cool. Took 11 days from order day. I’m just showing picture for now. I’ve gotta run a few errands then I’ll be back to try it and review it. I haven’t even weighted it yet. 😬😬


  • Looks good ! My dam post office is ty bing behind so likely won’t get mine until tomorrow now. Typically in recent weeks for them to be late. Can’t wait to get it my husband wants to try it as well.

  • Make sure you update smoke 💨 u legit are one of my fav reviews

  • @suchacutie89 I gotcha tomorrow for sure. I took a weed pill so ima wait. I want full effects. I can’t wait to get to the moon 🌚 🌙 💨 ⛽️

  • I really enjoyed these nugs. The initial draw is sweet and fruity and it hangs in for the whole smoke. The high is uplifting without being too aggressive and I'm a seasoned 50+ year toker. I have serious health problems which leaves me with constantly fluctuating moods. These moon rocks tend to level me out in a happy even blissful mood. I would never presume to predict anyone's reaction to these beauties but the only ones I've enjoyed as much are ones I made using jai goo GG distillate and true OG Kief. Pictures to come. I hope others will try this cheaper method of acquiring your moon rocks plus I came up with a sweet skunky inhale with the diesel coming on exhalation. The high "I get" is nothing short of stoners paradise. Kurupts P.C. rocks high last for hours and put me in a chatty mood with the occasional belly laugh that led to a fridge clearing case of the munchies. I'm new to reviewing weed for others so go easy on me. I am as my H.S. football coach called me "A professional stoner" LOL

  • looks just like pics and smells very sweet wont be able to try tonight I smoked a pre roll blunt and i am baked maybe if i come down later on
    worth the wait

  • Mannnn I was high as hell. I first put it in a bowl on top of some blueberry muffin from local the taste was incredible. I then rolled a blunt straight and I was high for 5 straight hours. I put the blunt out every hour after a few puffs. Then I pack another bowl this time straight moon rock. I got the taste for sure. Just enough peach but not over powering....something to remember for a while. The high just increases my buzz to the next level. I still have at least half left. Just something for me to visit when I feel like I'm smoking too many blunts.

  • Yeah these Moonrock is crazy I just mixed with the orange diesel from loud and it’s like a match made in heaven. I have only taken 3 puffs and 2 were to get it burning properly and I am baked and I am a veteran herbalist. I keep checking the site for more. They were worth the wait pre roll blunts were nice too I already placed another order of those.
    Way to go med Jane 👍🏿

  • The moon rocks are so good, a very strong high but also gives you energy great combo with this one. Definitely will order again

  • These go back on menu I'm gonna have to order, been wanting to try one forever but never seen any make it round my parts, just found someone finally getting shatter, wax, and live res on the regular.

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