International source recommendation?

I see that @medman doesn’t do international shipments any longer but I’m looking for a reputable source for RSO or FECO for a 19 year old cancer patient who got ripped off. Does anyone have another source for international or MedMan can you recommend please? 🙏🏼

As a cancer survivor this pisses me off to no end. People are fighting for their lives or their loved ones lives and people are scamming them. 😡 there’s a special place in hell for those people.

Thank you for any recommendations!


  • I am replying bc i feel bad nobody else has answered this post yet.

    I am real sorry to hear about that situation. i hope someone can help you. but I do know, international sources are likely going to be very hard to find. To ANY cancer or other serious medical patient, I will always recommend : grow your own. i know this is not always feasible, but it puts the medicine literally at your fingertips. had to mention it. ( pretty much can take someone from 100% beginner to up and running. LOVE the chick who runs this site for making stuff so so easy. this is what i recommend for complete beginners, for intermediate or slightly beyond beginners, i recommend OverGrow). you can also customize exactly what strains you want, you can press your own concentrates, the list goes on and on.

    other than that.. i would maybe recommend they try to find a source in their country, so it technically wouldn't be international anymore. assuming this is not an option/already been tried? either way, i really wish you luck on your travels. i'm sorry to be the guy who answers .. who doesn't really have an answer. but stuff like this is important so i will def. keep ears open and answer back if i can think of anything.( would also send MM/MB a message to talk about this in private. ) very important. been without medicine when in dire need, and it can be brutal.

    good luck!!! & god bless

  • There are a few reliable sources on the darkweb, but you have to be VERY wary if your buying from a reputable vendor or clicking on a phishing link. Only buy from someone who has a lot of positive ratings. r/darknet on reddit has some helpful information and you can ask around there (but do not buy from anyone who messages you on reddit).

  • Im so sorry to hear that but proud of your strength and heart have you tried herb approach maybe or do you have friends in usa or maybe you could utilize great ppl have them send ur order to u idk just brain storming

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