Anyone tried the Pineapple Express shatter from loud?

Has anyone tried the Pineapple Express shatter from loud?


  • Not yet..should be receiving some today 🤞🏼 with my Bear Creek Kush..added .5 g of it..I have tried a few shatters from the site, all excellent but I’m partial to flower.

  • @superman38NC thanks buddy hope it come in today for you, appreciate the feedback

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    It’s been several weeks since I’ve had any shatter..received the add on Pineapple Express and it’s 🔥 and really tasty..I didn’t get a specific fruity note but definitely tastes tropical with hints of pine..coughed initially but still pretty smooth. Golden yellow like the far as the high an instant grin came about...very heady/happy..I’d say it’s a great choice!

    It was hard picking this over Bear OG because if that smokes like it smells and’s going to be amazing! Thx @LoudnC!! The free J of Wedding Cake was a perfect surprise..been debating that as well.

  • Wow great review much appreciated my man

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