Purple Punch

Has anyone had the purple punch? Patiently waiting on mine to come. Any pics


  • I think it’s fantastic. A very mellow head high and a wonderful body high. Ultra chill and mentally/physically relaxed, yet still able to function.

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    I was not impressed at first.. the smell is very tame and has a hint of grass / hay.. so I put it up to cure.. but it definitely smells good when breaking it up, has a good texture and the most redeeming quality is the high itself.

    Very good clean hybrid. Before I smoked it... I thought it should've been indoor, not premium. After smoking it.. I was OK with it. So.. yeah. Solid. Very nice. But not earth shattering. I will try to post pics or a review when I get home

    Oh yeah btw not one bit of purple on my buds just for anyone curious. Not that that matters .

  • Don’t think it should be premium. Tiny buds. Not very pungent/sticky I’m use to with this strain. Reminded me more of gdp

  • I'd call it green house very disappointed. Bear creek og is amazing.

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    @Fallguy I had a hard time deciding between Purple Punch or Bear Creek. I went with PP. Can you elaborate more on the Bear Creek effects? I can’t seem to find any reviews about it on the internet.

  • yeah, wish i got the bear creek. i got the PP instead also. bummed about that, but that's the game i guess . . sometimes ya don't pick the right one. ;)

  • I missed out on both these but was gonna grab the bear creek before it ran out

  • I gave PP another chance. Even more disappointed now. Yesterday smoked 3 times my norm and felt very little. Tried again first thing this morning and very minimal effects. Now hit it hard with whole joint and a mild short buzz. Also tastes ashy.

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    Purple Strains (Grape Ape, Purps, PP, GDP ect.) have always been a strain I've had to smoke quite a bit to feel effects. I took a chance with a zip of Medmama Purple Punch, effects didn't change. Great cannabis, looked great, tasted great but I knew myself with Purps. It just wasn't my fit.

  • When I tried this strain last november it really impressed me, prob the strongest bud ive had off this site possibly. Surprised to hear this batch aint so good, I ordered some anyway lol. Also ordered some outdoor headband incase you guy are right. Its a bit leafy but all outdoor is going to be a little more leafy, ive done some fire guerillla grows that were a bit leafy so im not so worried.

  • @Fallguy I wonder if this batch of stuff they got is all from one grower. Because its all just subpar really. I mean the premium MAC was pretty good, but compared to what y’all say it is it wasnt THAT good, but it was definitely a premium weed though. Idk what happened with Loud right now but they are always my go to

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    Anyone got any pics of this new batch of Purple Punch from Loud

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    Im pretty sure this batch of Purple Punch couldnt be that bad just throw you some Boveda packs in i actualy reallly really wish loud and medmama would throw boveda packs in there bags of weeds in till it gets sold or vacume seal a boveda in with each order that would save so many customers from complaining about how dry there Tree is?

  • No bovedas thanx. I like it the way it comes. 62 is way to wet for personal taste. Medman always has near perfect cure for me. Sometimes to wet and sticky and i have to let it dry out. But i am an old school grinder and pipe or bong. I like mine crumbly. But thats me. Put your bovedas in and love your wet weed. Once again my personal choice. But just an fyi.. It weighs more wet. So you get less.

  • It came perfect as far as moistness goes. When I burp jar it smells of grass. That shows that it wasn't cured much if at all. I will cure untill I can't smell chlorophyll.

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