Any miracles received yet

Just wondering if anyone has gotten any the miracle whip in yet? It peaked my interest and curious to check it out


  • Nice, keeping fingers crossed myself

  • Weird, got my whip today as well and they did end up splitting with mac like a requested @LoudnCo it came with the quickness again can't wait to try the miracle whip and mac later tonight and check out the melonade/duct tape when it comes in, you guys kick soooooo much ass

  • Really enjoyed first try with miracle whip last night , nice quality and induced some fits of giggling between both my gf and I before she commented on her back pain that'd been bothering her no longer was and ended up passing out lol, glad she was able to get some good sleep and both us thoroughly enjoying this one so far, the mac looks nice as well but can't give honest fed back till try it by itself

  • @Vapedad78 awesome man, glad you liked it.. can you give us a description on the bud's appearance but more importantly, how's the terp profile on this one? loud bag smell or just ok? i love buds with complex and strong smells & sweet sweet terpinationnne

  • Has anyone tried the duct tape yet?

  • the MAC i have is the only thing i can compare it to, since it has a similar lineage.. and i only tried that ONE batch of MAC (loud premium from about 2 months ago? ish) . it's fire.. really really strong.. heavy smoke and high.. zesty notes of diesel gas & orange & incense. hashy exhale. very interesting and complex aroma and flavor. curious if the miracle whip is Zesty like the mac or if it's got its own thing goin on

  • I feel like the miracle whip is smoother than the mac, I know couple hits in last night gf and I both got case of the giggles and she assed out early lol

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