Duct tape

Anyone tried it yet?


  • Waiting on it and melonade if they split like I requested

  • I'm waiting on a split of Duct Tape and Animal Cookies
    Waiting to see if it's split

  • How's the animal cookie. I looked at that as well, soo many choices soo little time and money to tru everything lol

  • @Vapedad78
    I haven't had Loud's animal cookies yet, but I have from another source, and it was great!
    So, I can imagine loud's is much better.

  • Nice, keep glancing at it and I go through cross referencing descriptions but feel like a craps shoot tryna target which gonna hit exactly like I'm looking for since still feeling out the products and not every knowing what was really getting in the streets

  • I know whatcha speak of
    I just do a lot of research, and read reviews on different sites like allbud, leafly, and wikileaf.
    Then I just go for a strain, and trial & error.

  • Pretty much been my approach πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    I don't remember posting that
    Musta been on Pluto

  • 🀣 welcome back

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Got a really good unique taste and slaps you right upside the dome , really frosty under the light

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    Duct tape greenhouse from loud review.
    Nugs are med to large. Camo green and kiefy. Smoke is expansive in the lungs. Too big a hit and you will green out. Has a strange but not unpleasant taste. Almost adhesive like. Comes through in the smell as well. Earthy adhesive and some limonene. Grinds beautifully. Effects are mid level and mostly balanced for me anyway. Not a lock you down strain. Might be ok for daytime. Mostly a netflix and chill strain.
    Rated against greenhouse. A nice 6.5/10

  • Thanks for the review, mine is out for delivery now

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    Yeah I really enjoyed the bowl of duct tape I tried last night, honestly kinda like that unique flavor you get lol definitely gets you nice and elevated in cerebral senses, I did mix some blueberry and peach after and reorganized my jars and stash in middle of night lol some one then had me energetic and motivated as well

  • That’s what I like to hear because I have plans tonight and now I know I can take a few bong rips and still be able to do what I need and not be too sluggish. Guess I will use the Og kush when the evening is over

  • As for the cerebral effect of the duct tape, it hit me hard in a great away. I smoked a second bowl just for the hell of it even though I didn’t need it

  • Yeah I really enjoyed the bowl of duct tape I tried last night, honestly kinda like that unique flavor you get lol definitely gets ya all floaty feeling

  • Went back for the duct tape and a bowl of blueberry zskittles to help from drive home and get some sleep last night and still loving the unique flavor and feeling, glad I took a chance and wish I'd gotten more melonade or not gotten rid of lol

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