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Hey! I'm just looking for feedback on an idea. I love this service and I want to take care of the people who are taking care of US. I want to have a gratuity button as an OPTION on our order form. What are your thoughts?


  • Not a bad idea at all

  • Hell yea I always leave descent tips at restaurants and anywhere else that provides a great service like MM...who knows if this gets put in the works maybe we'll see more, "discount codes". Lol Here's to wishful thinking I still don't mind the idea of gratuity at all.

  • Speaking of wishful thinking it's 11:11 CST make a wish! 🙃

  • @jparkerj72485 it explicitly says in the instructions to only send the exact amount of bitcoin to the address. So I’m always afraid to leave extra. But we may pay different ways so I don’t know.

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    I don’t care what you guys do. Do what you want to but I think a gratuity is unnecessary. If you think it’s going to help move your package up with shipping or maybe they throw you an extra bud, you’re probably wrong because they probably don’t see it. I don’t think you realize how fast these guys pack these packages. Anyway, they are just doing a job just like I get up and go to my job every day, and I am not trying to diminish anything in anyway because I truly do appreciate it but their are tons of people who do their jobs every day that I appreciate, so what’s next are we going to start tipping the guy that rings us up at the grocery store? And besides it says to send them the exact amount of bitcoin they request or it may mess up your order. Why take this chance?
    Also, as much as this business helps all of us, it’s still a business. And they make money believe it or not (probably a nice amount of money) and I’m sure they can afford to pay their employees livable wages. But like I said, tip if you want, but I’d rather invest my money in more products because nothings cheap these days. And I totally think @medman and all his co workers would totally understand that.
    And it’s not like we’re not doing anything, by continuing to support the site we are also supporting local farmers. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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