Just curious

I ordered some OG kush from @medmama yesterday and when my shipping label was created it said Everet Washington. Isn’t that @LoudnCo?If so why would loud be sending if I ordered from mm? Please excuse me, I’m a noob and just curious


  • Never saw a MedMama label from anywhere but California.

  • That’s why I don’t understand

  • Also I have not experienced making an order and having a shipping label made the same day....are you sure the package from WA isn't for something else.

  • Now that you say it, I did order from @LoudnCo last Friday and never saw a shipping label but then I ordered From @medmama yesterday morning and just assumed it was her. Please excuse this stoned noob

  • I got 2 in AL that got me wondering wtf they are

  • I also ordered from mama and had a label pop from Everett WA yesterday

  • I did have to have something I ordered switched out. Mama has what I was subbed with. So I’m still stumped as far as mine goes. Unless they switched my order to loud. I ordered refills and some bud. Got the refills a week ago. Not sure why woulda sent the rest of mine to loud. Don’t matter to me by the way.

  • I'm beginning to wonder if my one order got split into 3 packages after hearing that @Bobn218

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