Apparently you can get $10 per day for 5 minutes of time. You need a coinbase wallet. Has anybody done this? Legit?


  • Interesting , might give a look

  • Found a forum bunch of people said they never got paid

  • It's not a secure site--should always be the first flag with bitcoin.(http vs https) Any sites dealing with important info (like payments) will be https. Even is a secure site. is not. A quick Google search finds plenty of people discussing this on other forums as a scam/waste of time. Unfortunately for us, they are likely just data collectin'.

  • Thanks for the security lesson. I'm not tech savvy. Figure nothing is free. Although I was hoping for an oz a month.

  • Haha! Same here! Fingers were crossed it was legit!

  • @Mnpd right I was really hoping lol.

  • @Vapedad78 is legit and a fun time waster takes long time to get to a high level. Cashed out 15 last oct and 7 in july. You can get a dollar or 2 a month. Mostly for fun. But it does pay out. I am level 19.

  • Oh nice might check it out, always up for easy money or additional money thanks @SpongePail

  • I fell down the "rabbit hole" of free bitcoin and have come to the conclusion that I'll stick with my job. I did come across a great subreddit for making money online r/beermoney. I don't feel its worth my time.

  • Yeah I registered and tried playing for few min really couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on and just bounced lol

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