is a legit crypto game

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For those looking for a crypto game. Free to play and it does pay out. 12 last year in oct 7 this year in june or july. Not going to get rich. But hey its a pack of smokes or a happy meal free each year. I have been doing it since 2018. Link


  • They have several crypto games involving betting. Really fishy.

  • I could create a post with my wallet address and ask for donations from all of you amazing and generous folks. I will become a crypto panhandler that stalks this forum.

  • Yeah I ain't betting my crypto feel like they tryna back track or something just didn't feel right

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    Um thats just the adds on the site. No betting of nothing. Costs nothing to play and it pays. Back up to 5000 satoshi already. The game is when you log in. Tou can mine. Ita only like 3 sats an hour. Do missions in game and het crypto. Fight other players with your cards. Any more info needed. Just ask. ☺

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