Butter for Indica, Hybrid and Sativa

Been making butter with different strains. I have them tested and approved. There is a subtle differences in the positive effects of the Medicine in all three. Needless to say this post comes from Pancakes with lots of Medibutter and Maple Syrup, and it is freakin awesome as I have been doing for months. Thought I would share. Medicineman provides a choice and with that you can feel "More Better with Medibutter" Peace in everyone's Day
MedMan always delivers.....


  • So you bought both trim? Please do tell how it works in the butter if that's the case as this is the only reason I would dare make edibles at home vs just buying the awesome med mama gum drops.

  • I grow Northern Lights SOMETIMES. I make tincture or butter for family member with cancer.

  • MAN. this post made me realize.....i need to just get some NL seeds. :/ i have never had NL, to this very day. unless i had it sometime in my youth, and either don't remember, or bought it as unnamed bud. (..very likely, now that i think about it) .

    also thanks to OP for reminding me about butter. i will definitely be making some, whenever i have trim or shake around. i need to start another shake/leaf/unsuitable-bud-for-smoking type jar. i used to do that, i would just keep adding to my little jar until i had like a 1/4 of shake and just little leafs and random bullshit.. and then made butter!

    I will never forget making this crazy elaborate stuffed fish with my buddy Todd.. it actually turned out fantastic.. crab/crawfish stuffed flounder or trout, i don't remember the actual fish, but do remember it was a white fish .. mixed seafood 'stuffing' .. and with a pad of butter that sent us to the moon for about a day and a half.

    lol. good times

  • With an illness comes the need to for butter. Yes the trim was used, not a leafy trim which smells no good, good bud trim butter, I also used on todays baked potato,

  • Thanks ok I was trying to explain to guy who gave me a couple of tiny squares of brownie that the taste of distillate was overpowering but the be very careful high wasn't there for me. I always make my baked goods with the best buds sauteed in butter drained. I use the remaining bud in my marinara and a nutty strain goes wonderful in pesto. I too have a chronic med condition and when I'm able butter and all of the tasty possibilities are my favorite way to medicate. Drooling Dwelling

  • @MNTDWLER can you tell me more about the sautee in butter?

  • What I do is really easy. I do use only bud but you can use trim if you want. I start out by grinding my herb add your butter to a skillet it's easier to move the flower and butter around as you work it. Keep you temperature low and slowly saute until the flower is totally wilted and almost black. Don't get it to hot or it will break down the thc instead of carrying it into your butter. It's really easy once you've done this drain the butter into a small container refrigerate wait an hour and enjoy. The sauteed flower works great in any cooking recipe. I hope this helps it's worked for me for over 40yrs . And it tastes so much better than distillate.

  • I just want to add something else I picked up something from my mammaw when her throat bothered her she would put a little butter in her coffee it sounds unappealing but it's really tasty. You add thc to the morning cup of coffee or tea "yeah I like it in tea too" the smooth flavor and high are a great way to start your day. Yeah I said mammaw🤨lol .

  • Super Skunk was a while back. I used it heavy in this AGG machine which is a set it and let it do it. The result has always been very good. This butter I used it this weekend as a I added to sauté onions and bell peps for an Omelet ..... and in coffee. It was a good day. A plus to MM for the Goodygood which always delivers...Medicine

  • My Mammaw used to tell me when I was little the strings in the barn I always asked about, hanging on the rafters was for when Uncle JR's came home from War in 1959. He dried his herbs for cooking in there, or his medicine that smelled like Pine trees....That's what Mammaw said... :)

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