Gelato Jet Fuel

"Jet Fuel Gelato is the child of legendary Jet Fuel and Gelato of course. It tends to be euphoric and uplifting..."

Oh yeah! Here is a strain that will get you up and going in the morning. GJF is a great wake-and-bake choice.

The nugs are small, dense, tight, and odorous. An earthy/musty smell competes with a spicy undertone overshadowed by a slight smoky smell. Overall, it is an obvious odor that you wont be able to hide. The fuzzy looking buds are dark green, with golden hairs mixed in.

I haven't tried to run a bud through the grinder yet, but I can already tell that these buds would put up a fight. They are cured OK, but some strains are just too thick to grind easy and GJF one looks to be one of those. I pinched off part of a bud and stuffed it into the old pipe.

At first, the bud would not stay lit. After the second hit, I didn't pay much attention to that. The effects were immediate and refreshing. I was lifted out of a fog and my aches and pains were dulled out right away. It put a grin on my face and I was put in a good mood.

I hope you can get some of this. It is great for motivation, pain relief, and a nice case of Chinese eyes.


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