I'm intrigued by the description does it really have the pain and stress relief at a heavy hitting level. The strong skunky fuel smell are a must. I have never tried or even heard anything about this strain so if you have tried it clue me in please. Hopeful Hillbilly Hippie 🏞


  • Yeah I had to take a chance cause just just watched venom the movie day before lol asked to split with grateful breathe cause had to try something linked to Jerry as well lol

  • @suchacutie89
    Didn't you get to try Venom Cake or cookies once?

  • It is a beautiful strain. Only had indoor, A grade, but it has that full bodied, musky forrest basement taste. Blanketed, but not weighed down. I seek the body buzz and less spacey and head focused. This was very clear, clean indica dom profile from my experience. Ive probably tried 200+ strains and will be glad to give feedback! Love

  • Nice man appreciate it @SouthernWinds , how bout the grateful breathe, dirty valley girl, jack frost or master blaster

  • Thanks Southern Wind great feedback I enjoy all but the heaviest of sativa's so if the taste & high is there I'm in. Dwler

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