Vape battery

Does anyone know what's the best 510 battery for the vape carts? I've been looking them up and I can't really figure out which is the best for these carts (like versus for nicotine) as well as where the hell will even sell to me in New England. Sigh.


  • Mean you only need bout 7 -8 watts to vape most Ccell type carts so pretty much anything with a 510 connection so long as it doesn't cover airflow holes

  • @Essy0522 Be careful with vapes. Some pens burn at a lower temp so you won't get as high, at least thats the consensus. In other words, don't just buy a pen at the corner gas station.

    The pen Medmamma sells is variable with the temp. You're probably better off with that kind.

  • @greatspirit I don't see where medmamma has one for sale but I'll keep looking, thanks
    @Vapedad78 thanks for the advice

  • Yeah definitely don't want under powered or over powered so variable voltage will be your best choice, other than that I stick by my advice and your welcome @Essy0522

  • @Vapedad78 (sorry if I'm asking tons of questions but your username kind of invites it lol) do you have an elaborate mod set up or a basic one? I'm used to just a click in and go type which is probably what's confusing me.

  • For vaping concentrates I use a yocan regen it's affordable and gets job done with lil waste but not bad for convenience and discretion. For carts I have a 100watt wisemec presa mod but only every go up to bout 8 watts depending on resistance (ohms) the coil is reading on device. And no problem @Essy0522 the name is actually from nicotine vaping cause I mix and occasionally sell eliquid

  • @Essy0522 I really like the 350 mAh BATTERY from Kandy Pens. Costs about $35. Hits great on the lowest setting. I also use the eGo VV Button 900 USB from Cartisan. It's a bit cheaper.

  • How often you gotta charge the candy pen?

  • @customeraccount173 thanks so much, I'll check out kandy pens too.
    @Vapedad78 I'll remember the 8 watts mantra lol I just don't want to waste any carts with a bs pen you know?

  • Well the 8 watts is cause most ccell carts I've seen ohm out round 1.15ohms or there bouts si waks keep round 3.5volts or less so not to blow coil but it can vary

  • @customeraccount173 I checked out the Kandy pens and they're pretty well rated plus I like that they have a lifetime warranty. Thanks so much for the tip!

  • @Vapedad78 In my experience, the Kandy Pen battery holds a good charge. I use it almost every night, and I charge it maybe once a month.
    @Essy0522 No problem. Kandy Pens is a great company. They usually send freebies with their orders.

  • Interesting, mean using low wattage but at only 350mah I would expect to be recharging constantly so that's pretty good only once a month I recharge my regen like weekly but probably pulling more power as well

  • I should note that I only take between 1-3 hits a night, so that could be why the charge holds so long.

  • Yeah that'd definitely help conserve power, I hit mine sometimes throughout day or have a sesh before bed I so go through battery when actually do use it, lately haven't been but that'll change when my jack frost and green crack eventually touch down

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