Do not buy pre rolls from medical Jane! I waited 2 weeks for them to send me 2 poorly rolled blunts filled with shag weed. The quality of the weed was so bad, I almost thought I was smoking dirt for a second.. on the website you can choose between phantom cookies and gorilla glue and I’m pretty sure I got fucking neither one. Total waste of money and it was definitely not worth me waiting so long..I don’t know what the hell they stuffed into these blunts... this is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had on this website.. if you desire quality do not I repeat DO NOT buy from medical Jane!!


  • Damn...that's disappointing 😕 Haven't bought anything from medical Jane & I won't because of the past negative reviews of their buds.
    Guaranteed their staff doesn't even test their own products & we're the guinea pigs. Its just sad that they are in Cali and they can't even get good product.

  • I order some prerolled joint from medical Jane when they first appeared and it took over 2 weeks and they hadn’t shipped it yet. Luckily Medman got it taken care of and I received my joints and they were good had a nice smell. I wouldn’t order them again tho

  • Damn I been interested in couple things she lists but can't bring myself to pull trigger with the reviews I keep seeing

  • I got some Vape carts from medical Jane and they were straight trash. I threw them away. Nothing like MedMama’s stuff.

  • I say Medman pulls the plug on them like he wanted to originally. Don’t want new customers to buy off MJ and think that all their orders will be like that

  • They need too for real

  • But who would sell MOON ROCKS??

  • Didn't mama post some

  • I remember when Med Jane first came on and people had issues with the product and lots of negative feed back. I decided then that I would not order from that seller. Sounds like I made the correct choice. I hope your situation gets resolved.

  • Wow, and a couple of weeks ago someone posted about how great they were and how wasted he got off of them. I guess everyone reacts differently. . .

  • I don’t recommend that shipper

  • loud has moonrocks!!!!!

  • Medical Jane has had this problem before. Get this fixed immediately

  • @Rockafire it was probably that shipper trying to hype themselves. Damage control. 😂

  • edited October 2020

    This was fixed and we made it right with customer. The regular joints are fine quality (we've gotten zero complaints). In this issue Jane had temp run out and subbed some other ones without properly vetting them.
    We've discussed this with them and they will not do this again. Overall we have not had very many quality complaints with Jane's stuff.

  • I was so disheartened when I got my first order from M.M it was organic J.H from M.J the buzz was so light I thought oh man is this it ? Luckily my next was JAHGOO which was JAHGREAT. I'VE had a couple of issues with M.J but I reiterate M.M took care of me to my complee satisfaction not a single issue. It took a couple of days once on a shatter issue where I ordered 4g's of distillate and received 4g's of shatter instead "big price difference " after the problem was understood M.M took care of me fast. It was partially my fault for not writing "no sub's on my order. A VERY HAPPY CONSUMER 😤

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