Loud co. New inventory..?

When do you guys think Loud will be sprucing up their menu..? I love medmamma but also really like loud co. Too

Thanks guys have a great day



  • I wish they would bring some more killer indoor and prems out soon lol

  • loud said today he just got a bunch of new stuff and hes processing it now!!!

  • They are due for an update on premiums any day now

  • Is it weedsday already?

  • @cmweems1964 thanks dude that's good to know

  • I've already been on the record.....ALIEN FIRE KUSH!!!!

  • I won't even lie I was sampling the new strains and may have gotten a bit too high to finish all the pictures and descriptions. I promise I will finish them up today and send them off!

  • That's a nice perk

  • Shit @LoudnCo I’ve already surpassed my limit for the week! But you know I’m gonna be looking and getting more 🔥🔥🔥

  • @LoudnCo 🤣 sounds like a fire sale coming, get it 🤦‍♂️, I'll see myself out

  • @LoudnCo I bought your moonrocks today. Will it come labeled as far as strain used (indica or sativa) or will it be a mystery strain? Thanks!

  • @Reshi currently the moonrocks are made from our Bubba Kush, distillate, and kief but we will be expanding on the strains in the near future. :smile:

  • Whew shit bet them bout to be having a person orbit for real then cause that add on g of bubba I got subbed for wedding cake was gas asf, almost grabbed more

  • So basically the moon rocks will be potent. Noted.

  • Waiting for a new drop to place an order. Excited like Xmas morning

  • @Kris10 the same for me I got 500 saved up for louds next drop

  • And their went the bubba kush so bubba rocks are on the radar

  • Will they drop the new items on Friday??

  • I just ordered half o White Rhino half o Godzilla Glue!!!

  • @Zackarrry check it out! I just dropped $350 😂 time to save up for Mama’s next drop

  • Thinking i might get 1/2 of Red Dragon.....try something new.

  • @kris AHH so many good choices. Has anyone tried any of these from loud?

  • I got 300 to spend any suggestions on fleet from loud now

  • Just ordered some LA Cheese & outdoor Cotton Candy Kush. I'll report back as soon as they arrive!

  • Pulled the trigger on a half of gg4

  • Pulled the trigger on 1/2 of Red Dragon and 1/8 of LA Cheese

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  • Split a half between GG4 and cotton candy kush! Yay!

  • Zip of White Rhino and 1 of Red Dragon! ...ordered Gum Drops as well again.

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    Im glad I don’t online shop anywhere else like I do this site..geez I’d have 100 different colors of underwear 🤪.. I keep telling myself I’m good..and then these amazing strains keep coming..got a meager sampler this round. Godzilla Glue, La Cheese, Banana Something, and Cement Shoes and an addon of the dip n dot shatter. If I find a keeper out of these and by chance the sampler gets here before it runs out..I may order more..but by that time there will be newer strains 🤷🏼..

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