No cap or cap?

Anyone try them capsules from med Jane, if they actually work as described wouldn't mind grabbing some to supplement my edibles during day or various things but hesitant with reviews and whatnot


  • @Vapedad78 I'm glad you asked because I didn't want to be a pain in the ass with more questions lol. The caps would be so convenient, plus my appetite is crap and I don't always want to eat an edible, but the overall med jane reviews aren't that great so it'll be interesting to see the reviews on these.

  • Right? If they're quality I definitely wouldn't mind having some on hand just in case or to experiment but price point and review got me questionable at best unfortunately

  • Same. But just seeing the name med Jane makes me eyeroll. I hope that someone who has tried them responds because the convenience factor would be amazing.

  • People said they were good. Took awhile for medjane to restock as well. Search back in forum for reviews on them.

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