Going postal

Just seen on news usps been told to reverse changes that been holding back mail in order for it to move smoothly during election and mail in voting taking place


  • Yeah but I feel like they blame USPS alot on this site when in reality its med mans shortcomings. Because I get multiple packages from all over the USA with no delay. That makes it kind of hard to say it's just the usps.

  • People jumping to a lot of conclusions for not being able to see back stage, I have 2 packages from somewhere else been sitting pre ship for 2 weeks now no movement. They have nothing to do with this site or services but doing the same thing everyone here is complaining is happening to them, only common factor usps

  • It depends a lot on the actual line it's going through and what major USPS centers it passes through. I too have many personal packages that arrive very fast and others are very delayed. There doesn't seem to be any sense to it that I can make out. I do know that the majority of packages leave within 24 hours....and very seldom go past 72.

  • Medman isnt wrong either i never seen a package go more than 72 business hours. Saturday’s are their off day. I have had a label sit for a week twice. When i ordered smalls from medmama that got subbed. The 2nd time was Medical Jane sending the reggie instead of premium lol

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