kleco82 quality of med

listen guys i'm a 60 yr smoker after 15 years of none an i can't find any med here that has any kick! i want some good medicine!having to smoke every 30mins for a little relief!1 tks guys God bless


  • 56 and daily smoker most of the weed here is some of the best if not the best you will find. Lots of top-shelf to choose from if you know what you are looking for then you should find it here.Usps is a nightmare right now but these guys will always make right if anything ever happens. Knowing how to buy and send bitcoin is half the battle once you have that pick away. You come at a very good time loud just dropped an ass load of good shit you should jump on before it goes.

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    My daily vice is also old enough to drink. The flower here is pretty top notch. If they aint doing it may i suggest the diamonds terp sauce wax or shatter

  • You need to get flower with more thc if you want more for your buck

  • Man I got you by almost 10yrs and oh yeah I know what you're saying but at our age we're been hit by every drug out there at one time or another in our lives. The bud here is top rate but if you want to come close to that killer buzz you are looking for you might want to pick out the concentrate of your dreams and kill the better part of a weekend. I only do it from Monday-Sunday at my age because that's all the time God has given us. Dwelling Stoned As Sh##

  • I wish I could hang out with some of you guys. Just a thought

  • One day @leaf one day. We have come so far. Almost to the goaline

  • The day it passes federally finally we're all gonna hot box this mofo

  • There's so many of you I'd want to hang with once this passes federally!
    I'll cook the gumbo! 😂

  • The day it becomes federally legal. Port Orleans at 420pm. See yall there 😂 😂 😂

  • Right on, right on

  • Yes sir sponge. Yes sir.

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