Anyone ever try the trim?

I was thinking about getting some sugar trim joints from med mama or the half oz from loud.

Anyone have any experience with these?


  • @Pooinaloo I got the oz of mendo breath trim over a week ago. I mix it with my good bud to stretch it all out. It is what it is, i wouldnt want to count on it to be my only way to get high; but with other.bud and a lil concentrate it makes it all last longer. Its a decent deal. If it was 20 bucks cheaper it would be upgraded to a great deal IMHO. But I'm a cheap bastard too. For me personally I would only get indica trim. It smells really nice I would like to try the real bud one day. About to light a blunt of gelato skittlez and that trim right now. And ferment some vegies. Play with the dog. Probably hit Mr Bong Marley again first. Save that blunt for lunch gotta stay motivated. Just ordered some of that gorrilla glue too.

  • I am always buying the sugar trim joints. They are worth it, imho.

    You can order indica or sativa, but no particular strain. They are great for handouts and for general everyday smoking.

  • I decided to go with the joints. Putting in an order later this week. Do they let you mix and match like 5 indica and 5 sativa?

  • i don't see why not.. make sure to ask in the notes.. they usually honor my requests for things like that, though i haven't ordered the joints specifically.

  • @Pooinaloo you'll have to lmk your take on the doobs.

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