Concentrate packaging

I tried a sampling of concentrates for the first time. Shatter, diamonds and wax. I ordered 2g of each. How will larger quantities i.e. 8g or 16g be packaged? Multiple 2g containers or one larger? Thanks!!


  • I have a container coming later today that I'll post pics for.

  • I ordered 4g of same strain in diamonds. Was inside two containers 2g each.The containers suck btw. Be very careful opening them. Product was right on. Love it

  • Here's my 16g of huckleberry Kush from loud. 4x 4g packets.

  • I got 4 today 2g pink runts wax and 2 of kush sorbet wax split 4 of runtz both packed to top of silicon container but solid unlike the terp sauce so none spilled. Only tried the slightest sliver of the runtz cause stuff to and couldn't go orbit till later but I'll be damn if the runtz didn't bout put me on tilt, maaaan stuff has a kick lol

  • @kkno let us know how you like that huckleberry. i saw a couple ppl saying it was kinda scary. can't remember if i saw anyone saying it was good.

    just curious more than anything.

    "i'm ya huckleberry"

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  • Me and my friends are loving the huckleberry, no issues here.

  • MedMama always sends mine in 2 gram silicone containers. With Loud if I order in bulk it is in 4 gram slabs of parchment paper and I transfer to my silicone slab.

  • Soo... diamonds and wax only come in 2g containers regardless of quantity purchased? Thanks for the info!

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