Outdoor Animal Cookies

Very good smoke and smell. Light green, big buds in package.1/2 oz Nice trichomes under scope. Smooth pull but a litter earthy and the smell (before combustion) is piney and citrusy. Gassy in smell once out of package. Good deal for price! I’m impressed, @LoudnCo compared to Pink Champagne a few weeks back. I’d definitely get more at the price point.


  • So, is it like Pink Champagne, or better?
    I've had AC before, but it wasn't anything like PC, which triggered a terrible headache.

  • It’s wayyyyyy better! It doesn’t smell like minty hay, like Pink Champagne. No headaches after I smoked a joint. I felt very calm and still do, as I write this. I smoked about an hour ago from this post, and feel very chill.

  • @VatoTaco3432
    Thank you!! Just what I wanted to hear!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 No problem, anytime! 😎😄🤟🏼💨🌮✅

  • It does taste delicious out of the vaporizer. Nice buzz i like it better than the Gorrila glue. I must have gotten the end of the bag, my zips where a lil more shake than id like for what I spent. Good smoke though. Id buy another Qp of it if I could see it first. I'll give props on the packaging.

  • @groundscreeper how shakey are we talking? Really been debating grabbing a qp myself. I feel like an idiot for not grabbing the GG#4 while I could

  • I just got 2 zips of the animal Cookies hope it's as good as the gg4

  • @Medmike25 it wasnt too horrible. I might be too picky. For the qp price its not bad. Everyones been happy with it. I liked it as much or more than the gg4.

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    I remember this strain. Good for sleep in my opinion and a good buzz. I believe I still have some left or it's animal cookies mixed with something else I think. It still puts me to sleep when I smoke it. I don't mind that one bit. The more sleep the better as for me. Now I remember what strain I'm talking about. It's zookies.

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