Vape Rig Question

I have been using medmamas refills and was putting the oil in carts and smoking them with a 510 thread battery
if I buy a nice rig with a tank instead of a cart you screw on to it will it work with the oils from this site when medmama brings the refills back.


  • Yes i use my aegis mini with a cerebral tank doesnt last long though lol huge clouds

  • Great thank you 😊

  • I used to only order med mamas prefilled. I honestly don’t like the more expensive big sub ohm Vape tanks. They use way too much. I like the simple 510 with a decent battery. But just my opinion

  • Right good info sometimes simple is better.THX!!

  • Stick with the 510's then if you want to use concentrates you can go to honey stick and for $16 get a tank that works ok. Good luck 👍

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