Oaktown Crippler

Should receive this tomorrow..anyone else order/receive it yet? Looks 🔥


  • I haven’t had a chance to upload pics but what I received looks exactly like the pic posted..definitely premium! If you like Trainwreck then you will enjoy oaktown crippler.. Very distinct aroma and flavor..high is well balanced..not overpowering but pleasant uplifted effects..as described it’s a great anytime of the day strain.

  • Appreciate the review! Looking forward to the pic!

  • Feel like I definitely should've gotten an 8th of this instead of the Tasty Waves.. would still love to see a pic if anyone's up to it! can you speak a little bit more to the "very distinct flavor and aroma" you mentioned @superman38NC ? pretty curious about this one as it seems to be very well liked .

    thank you sir!

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    @v32Finish ever had Trainwreck? It has this clean sour citrus twang to it? So tasty when vaped..definitely dominant in the oaktown crippler..Kandy Kush is another Trainwreck cross that is awesome..you wouldn’t be disappointed😎

  • Nice! Yeah, it's been a while but the couple trainwrecks that I have I had, definitely had an almost lemon 🍋 kind of a pop to em.. sounds really good. Thanks for the post & the pics my friend! (Pics aren't loading rt now bc crappy reception in this building but I will definitely look tho)

    Thanks again 👍

  • Oh wow, those buds look wonderful. Appreciate the pic! Man, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of new stuff but I'm in the process of moving (which is so damn expensive.)

  • Very Welcome! @v32Finish i love about anything lemon when it comes to cannabis..SLH and Lemon Tree are some of my fav’s
    @ChunksEggo8187 man moving is no fun and very expensive..that TCC is excellent for pain!

  • @superman38NC - those buds look awesome! Burn one for me.

  • Just did! @justaguy 😎 This is an excellent strain..placed a larger order a few days ago for some more.. @LoudnCo has been killing it lately!

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