Anyone tried it yet ? Wasn't a big fan of mamas last mac.


  • Yeah but loud dude's were frosty tight and very satisfying. I bought both and I was pretty po'd in the quality compared. It really is a eye popping to see them side by side. If I could I would post pic's but I'm on a cell.

  • @MNTDWLER Could you please clarify your response? Did you get MAC9 from both Loud and MedMamma and MedMamma was of subpar quality?

    Or the MAC9 from Medmamma was "loud" and the previous MAC from MM was subpar?


  • I got both mac's offered from loud and med mom both hit the board about the same time. One was absolutely covered in crystals the other very lack luster. Check it out in "bad batch " I think it was a lot of people were less than happy. And yeah neither was mac9 the one looks just as beautiful and the high is night and day.

  • So confused

  • @MikeyC

    I still don't fully understand your response unfortunately.

    To make it as simple as possible, please just answer this question.

    Is the MAC9 currently offered from MedMomma of subpar quality? Yes or No.

  • I didn't order it. I was confused by what I read because it was poorly written. I couldn't tell whether loud or medmamas mac was good or not. There were no mention of effects. Complete waste of time

  • My MAC 9 arrived today. Super crystally, some dark hints of purple in the bud, but primarily green, with some orange hairs, and a coating of crystals. Looks textbook gorgeous as far as visual asthetics go.

    It's very tasty too. I love MACs unique flavor. High quality medicine. I smoke all day every day too, so it packs a punch even if you're tolerance is up. Ive only taken one hit so far and MAC's familiar uplifting, happy feeling is quite apparent already.

    Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks @medmama !

  • Coming back to this to say I finished my bowl and wow, absolutely exquisite stuff.

  • nice! thanks for letting us know. lol. lots of confusion on this one! also noticed reviews in general dropping off... noticed ALOT of interesting strains up this last couple go-rounds, and not alot of reviews to go off of.. i'm going to make a point to try to at least post something about the things i receive. lol

  • I was a big fan. Pretty fluff. Taste good. Def a premium. Question. Has anyone ever got (this was frosted cookies from my home plug)and it looked amazing fluffy not best trim job but the leaves were iced. Little sweet smell. This shit did not get me high my girl and I called a few people and asked if they were not happy so I could fix things but I’m thinking or I need to know do they have bud that looks amazing that is straight cbd and like low thc that is cheaper bc I never got a bad pack from him and he old school so it’s charge it too the game. But I was so happy cause the look was great

  • Also is tasty waves worth it. Or what’s everyone’s fav premium as of now

  • Tasty waves is OK but I would wait. It's real mild smell .. good high .. nice sativa hybrid but personally I would wait for new premium to drop

  • Yes to your question saw cbd bud that look like fire before

  • Damn man. I'm still waiting on my MAC9! Ordered on 11/13. With the mail in voting nonsense done with, there is really no excuse for the USPS to be this late.

  • Waiting on Mac 9. And half chemdog half Lodi dodi and some butter og kush for thanksgiving cones with Kief. Question is it best to just stuff it all bud and Kief if a cone. Or if I roll a Dutch should I sprinkle Kief in with weed or lace the leaf with Kief or would that canoe 🛶 my whole thing. Gonna try with Frankenstein. Also one more Can I use vape oil to put on outer side of blunt so it’s wet then roll with Kief. Someone hit me with the 411

  • i kind of sprinkle the kief on top before rolling, but do try to distribute it evenly and work it in so it doesn't burn unevenly. i would assume mixing the kief and bud together would accomplish this, but for some reason this kinda triggers me and i don't do it.

    for your other question, you can definitely use oil to coat and roll in kief, but practically speaking, this can make it a sticky, hard to use mess. if you do, i would do a light, light coating of oil- and i would only do it on 1/2 . (the half that you're gonna light- so you can hold it cleanly)

    sounds like you have some fun experimenting to do lol good luck

  • Thanks v32. Also. What do you think about those machines that turn trim and nugs to shatter. Anyone know if they work and are pricey. Mac 9 is def a winner. Had a dream mail came. But ordered friday so would be a dream lol

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