Anyone have experience in treating family with dementia and Parkinson's with THC? Already on CBD oil. Everything else is illegal here and we are concerned about him having increased hallucinations.


  • I will be following this closely.

  • I have history of Parkinsons in my extended family relatives & have spinal nerve neurological nerve degeneration...Vitamin B1 (thiamine) & Benfotiamine (fat soluble version of thiamine) are CRUCIAL to protect nerve health...CALL the Nutrition counselor for advice at this link...I am starting on this product to protect myself and improve nerve health/symptoms from cervical / back injury etc...

  • good luck to anyone who has to deal with anything like this. my heart goes out to you all.

    OP, i wish i could be of more help . . just my GUT feeling, is telling me that you may see drastic benefits from treatment such as this, but I also think you're pretty much spot-on with your concerns, as well. I would definitely monitor very close when treating certain mental things . . as pot has been shown to cause psychosis etc etc.

    so , again, take with a grain of salt . I am not a medical professional. by the same token, i AM a human being. and if it was me, dealing with the same thing, i would probably try it, albeit very carefully and discontinue immediately at the first sign of trouble. you never know- it could give him a peace he hasn't known in a long time.

    @Katy - good luck to you as well. very sorry to hear of anyone with these types of injuries, as well . .


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    @v32Finish I need to push back on your assertion that "pot has been shown to cause psychosis." Show me the evidence. And I'll say in advance that, if you choose to accept this challenge, your evidence will show correlations, not causation.

    Your assertion has been used to create the prohibition that is upon us and you must learn that--even if it pisses you off a little bit.

  • @Katy and anyone else... have you seen this?

    The man in this video has a "deep brain stimulator" and it appears to be very effective.

  • However, this way seems to work too. :smile:

  • Idk man, you can have your own opinions but I have seen it in my very own family. I believe there may be a necessary predisposition or already underlying mental illness, which may or may not be the case in my own particular instance, but there is alot of varying evidence & schools if thought on this.

    I do think it's rare, and I believe it's def. not prudent for those who are against cannabis to go around claiming that it's like a normal side effect or something .. part of their crusade.. and by that same token, I think it would be foolish to say it's impossible, as well.

    I should've worded differently for clarity. Either way, my assertion stands in the regard that I would be really careful giving cannabinoids (.. especially very strong ones or edibles etc ) to a person with dementia, or schizophrenia for instance.

    No harm no foul. Definitely not all black and white 😅 and of course if I were backed into a corner, I would just say that this is the most maligned, misunderstood and misrepresented beautiful plant medicine in the world.. and our era of prohibition will be laughed at in the future...


  • My uncle has Parkinson’s. He’s still pretty independent though. Parkinson’s causes depression before most other major symptoms.
    A few months ago when he was depressed I brought him some edibles. Gummies. Supposedly 10 mg ea. I gave him two and he didn’t tolerate it well. Heart racing, et all. Unfortunately I had left so he called a paramedic. Of course, they advised him to wait it out.... moral of the story is Make sure you use microdosing techniques.

  • I know NUTRITION IS IMPORTANT.... Neuro-protection for spinal/brain function
    for older people / old injuries & severe specific nutritional deficiencies is CRITICAL !!
    For example..I am looking at this product to try myself because of the specific ingredients in the specific FORMULA which would address everything from neuropathic pain to increased cognition & brain function to digestive & other organ issues due to the
    specific ingredients like Benfotiamine (A FAT SOLUBLE FORM OF THIAMINE)......... THORNE RESEARCH...NEUROCHONDRIA

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