Screw Blockchain and Coinbase!

Dude, I have a pile of hair sitting next to me after trying to pay for my order thru these 2 services, and I’ve got a 3 day wait on one and a 48 hour wait on the other. Why is it such a clusterfuck, every time you deal with a crypto market? I don’t understand it! Also, for the people that think it’s cool to spend 300$ and still not even end up with a guaranteed 244$ to spend once you get it chalked into actual bitcoin(which I still haven’t)(what ever a “trading wallet” is, it looks like one one just needed to justify their job IMO.. real frustrating. Especially when you don’t have any bud..! Anyone else ever have these problems? What wallet/app do y’all use? Tired of it!


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    Moon pay

  • I buy it send it to my bitcoin wallet cash app then I send to medicineman

  • Fees for moonpay? @Bruno

  • Depends on how much your converting, I used it regardless of fees because it's my go to service when I want bitcoin because it never gave me difficult like other services have like coinbase and coinmama
    Only thing about it you have to send it to wallet then send it to the desired address
    Fees not overwhelming

  • Be sure to validate your account with I'd then use a debit card its instant on coinbase.i had same problem years ago waiting now its instant.i signed up for cash app sent I'd next day I was ready to buy and its instant with a debit card

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    I've always used CashApp. Seems best. Never tried anything else..
    $480(2 oz +shipping) plus $8-9 fee

  • Thanks all! Shits ridic. I’ve been using Coinbase with No wait time and hardly any fees (about a year) and now I can’t even put my card info back into the dam thing.... still nothin from block chain either, so long 300$ I guess?

  • Pre paid cards seem way to go, haven't heard anything good in regards to linking actual bank account

  • Cashapp is so incredibly simple with no wait time.

  • @OneLove agree. Cash app is sooo easy And relatively cheap on fees

  • I used to use coinbase but decided cashapp is faster and easier. Kinda dissapointed coinbase pro raised their fees as well. Cashapps fee is like 2% so considering its instant is pretty nice as well

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