Medmama - Premium Triple Chocolate Chip & Premium Purple Punch

Lucky enough to grab TCC before it got gone. The nugs are on the small side, but oh my heavens the high! So so thankful to have grabbed it before it disappeared. The PPP is truly a first for me. The fruity aroma and taste. Both are 🔥. Unintentionally, I usually go medmama for my concentrates and loud for my flower but switched it up this time. Both strains I received are gorgeous. What a flipping fantastic Friday night! Happy hitting cannabis cousins 😎


  • Got a half the TCC today with the blueberry muff, haven't tried either yet but they looked chunky and frosty and the muffin smelled like a straight up legit blueberry muffin so looking forward to tasting in the name of science here shortly, congrats there @agingasian have yourself a lifted fri night

  • Tcc>>>>>>>>. Close between that Mac 9 and my mvp of the year miracle whip

  • Do si woah got me sitting on an 8th afraid to run out so saving for special times

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