USPS Is Constipated and So Am I

Cruel fate...Day 4 after Informed Delivery announced my package would be here Monday we're in Arriving Late mode. Last time this happened, it took weeks (15 days, actually). Very bad sign. There's nothing the shippers can do about this, in case anyone wants to go down that road.

Anyone else care to complain? Just note that the only positive action one can do right now is abandon hope. Unfortunately, it takes time for hope to be abandoned completely. Meantime, I'll be cursing God over here...



  • Drink a 1/4 of a gallon of apple juice in one sitting just remember that fart you have building up is a shart not a fart.

    You probably thinking I'm kidding but I'm not kidding at all. Apple juice is a natural laxative. Whatever you do don't underestimate that fart, I just saved you from a trip to the store for more underwear. You're welcome. :)

  • 🤣 I needed that thank you

  • 🤣🤣 even my postman was ripping about his mail going in circles. Had a package shipped from 107 miles away take 12 working days to get here. Test in patience.

  • @medman should hire more people & deliver by drones.

  • Thank you @georgetirebiter I need it that! 😂

  • @georgetirebiter Right there with you bro... my package is just sitting in Kent... had to go with the locals

  • It’s just a goat **** got an order from loud that I placed two days ago showing label one from mama on the 2nd have know idea. I’m down to scraping the bottom and my nerves and anxiety are punishing me for drinking that 🍎 juice

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    I feel like a rat in a feeding experiment. Hitting the buzzer again and again. But my treats have been maxed out and nothing happens. The metaphor is truly wonderful.

    In conclusion: Misery. (And empathy for everyone else in this condition!)

  • @georgetirebiter I feel you, brother. The USPS is crippled right now. The one I ordered the day before Thanksgiving took 13 days to get to me. That was 10 days without. The coldest, dryest, soberest, anxiety-driven 10 days...

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    Proper planning prevents piss poor perfomance.
    So buy early and often then you never run out. 30

  • @BigOtis i love it. I do try to do this. I will for damn sure after this go around.try and be on the top end and not the bottom

  • Amen, Otis. I am never "out". Always order ounces and when it's half gone....make another order.

  • A good bowel movement can change the world. I believe Steve Jobs said that.

    As for USPS, there appears to be no remedy in sight.

  • I live in an apt and don’t check my mail every day, but I got same delay message and my package was in mailbox. It was days after I received it before USPS marked tracking as delivered. Good luck.

  • My big order is still in limbo. That said, I got an unexpected arrival, of a smaller more recent order. The key is to fully abandon all hope.

    Those Taj

  • @georgetirebiter same waiting on majority of my green Friday stuff, had an 8t miracle whip make it yesterday from that sale and it's very reminiscent of the last batch, very nice a lil harsh but nice effects, rest saying late since the 7th

  • Still no package today from my order on dec 1st

  • Good to hear some other people are waiting for their green Friday stuff. Mines been a state over for a week now. If it doesn’t come Monday that’ll be two weeks unless they only count business days. I’ve been using this site for a long time now, not too long after it started and I’ve never seen usps this bad. They’re a mess.

  • @georgetirebiter did you make Tea? How much did you use if you don't mind me asking. I have a high THC tolerance but I haven't done shrooms in years so I was hoping for some insights before hand

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    @whatever1956, yes, a simple tea preparation. A very quick chop with the food processor and then steeped with hibiscus leaf tea/passionflower. I do a second steep, too, overnight.

    Edited to add: 3 grams or so went into the tea. I drank only half of it, though, intending to have a second cup. I drank the second about 4 or 5 hours later. It's the kind of medicine that can have you laughing and crying.

  • @georgetirebiter yea I ordered from Loud n Co on December 4th still no show it’s about to be a month the informed delivery says “awaiting delivery scan” which indicates to me they lost my package there’s no reason to “curse God” about it tho He has absolutely nothing to do about it it’s USPS fault if it’s anybody who should be cursed out it’s them lol 😂 I ordered some of that Apricot Mimosa because I never had it hopefully I get this order but as far as my money for the other order I’m still waiting on looks like I just wasted it 😔

  • 2 days from 2 weeks and using the dreaded contact form 🥵

    I hope this isn’t my 4th lost order since june. 😕

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    Dang @joha I have never had a lost package in my 50+. Super unlucky.

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    @Moochy after two weeks no show u should have used the contact form (still can). if your order is lost they’ll replace it. You’ll never waste money here.

  • @Joha is correct. They have you covered for this. Use the contact form.

  • @Joha yea I know Medman will make it right they always do it’s just I hate the fact we have to go through USPS system to get our packages because they always fuckin up I wish we can get through FedEx or something tbh though I never had a lost package being here and ordering for 3 years I never had a package that didn’t come or was lost until now so that let’s me know USPS can’t be trusted I’m so glad we can count on MedIcineman tho I’m very grateful for that lol

  • One mistake from USPS out of 3 years that’s not bad tho that’s why I’m not really that mad it’s just when I talked to USPS they act like they didn’t know what package I was referring to when I only had one then they just disconnected from me and never got back to me like some assholes lmao

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    Just got a 12/26 order
    Still waiting on 12/20 order

    Pretty typical these days. 3 lost orders since June.

    Went years with no issues and every order came in 4 days. 💩🥳

    Upside, my usps delivers twice a day and often on Sundays and holidays because they’re nice. 🥳🥳🥳

    Definitely never faulting medman.

  • My miracle whip from the 21st supposed to land today I hope and was supposed to gotten stuff from 29th but both them updated to arriving late

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